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It actually worked out well with the Man Ray Estate & we’re very thankful to be able to work with them in the way we have.

We basically just had to license the images to use as artwork on our first two releases…

With improvements in gender selection technology, demand for gender selection has also been growing steadily.

First, a brief biology lesson: The sex of a baby is determined by two chromosomes called Eggs from the mother carry an X chromosome, while sperm from the father carries either and X or a Y chromosome.

But that’s nothing compared to the Runaway Blimp, brought to us by Waltham-based military conglomerate Raytheon Co.

KB: You’ve talked a lot about your album artwork and how you were aiming for a cohesive feel similar to what The Smiths have done.

We had the chance to chat with ambient pop group Cigarettes After Sex, who will be performing at Great Scott this Sunday.

The band has only released a handful of songs—all wrapped in album art featuring simple black-and-white photography—but have already grabbed the attention of the likes of Noisey and Brooklyn Vegan.

In natural conception, about half of all children are boys and half are girls.

In order to be more certain of one sex or the other, embryos need to be created through in vitro fertilization (IVF).

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