Being intimidating woman

Have you ever been faced with that impossible question from a friend?She looks you in the eye and asks for the truth—for one moment of brutal honesty: “Why doesn’t he like me? I don’t know about you, but when I tell my friends they are intimidating, what I mean is that they are just too awesome for the guy.” Knowing that this is a loaded question, I usually find some politically correct answer that seems to pacify them for the moment and move on. Not trying to speak for the entire single Christian male population, I’ve done some smaller-scale research and have come up with some non-scientific results in order to help women to better understand guys, as well as attempt to educate some men out there, if willing.

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They travel the world, they fix things around their homes and they serve in leadership roles in their church.One of the best ways to stop feeling intimidated by beautiful women is to understand that they don’t actually want you to feel that way.Most of the guys that a beautiful woman meets will feel intimidated by her and try really hard to impress her.Yes, a beautiful woman is great to look at and she is special, but she doesn’t want to be with a guy who feels like her is less valuable than her.A guy like that will most-likely become insecure and clingy in a relationship and she will then have a hard time when trying to break up with him.But in terms of the other names that I get, the sex ones really aren't that bad.The names that I really hate are: stuck up, ice bitch and intimidating. My bitchy resting face makes Judith Collins look like a Care Bear.It never bothered me until I was the only girl without a date to the first school prom in year 8.When I asked around as to why I was about as desirable as a four day old milkshake, I was told I was too intimidating. I've had a lot of dating dry spells, and have always been told it's because I'm intimidating.And if they are intimidated, is that good intimidation (as I suspect), or is it more of a turn-off thing?I asked many of my friends who often get the “he is just intimidated by you” line why they think they fit the mold of a hard-to-approach gal.

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