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However, only six weeks after their wedding, Daniel died unexpectedly from depression.(This article originally appeared in the Jewish Press on June 3rd 2009) About 10 years ago, I went to Israel for a brief visit and met up with the Kuper family, old friends I hadn't seen for many years. The grandmother was a jolly, but forceful sort of woman, she turned to me with a serious look on her face and gravely said, "You better find Rebecca a husband." She grabbed my arm with her long, thin fingers - her grip was strong," You're going to find her a man, right? Two days to get the job done, or I would lose the respect of close friends. I had a 30-year-old second cousin, Daniel, who was still single. He won't agree." (Almost all Israeli citizens are drafted into the military - men join for three years, women for two - but many Orthodox Jews are not required to serve, and it's especially rare for Orthodox women to join.) But what did Josh know? Not long after, I picked up the phone and placed a very important call "Hey Daniel, it's Ziva Kramer. " There was a long silence before he finally responded. I took a deep breath and got down to business, "The truth is that I'm calling to ask you if you're available for a date with a girl." For several long seconds, he didn't say a word. " I said interrupting his laughter, "What do you say? With her sensitive and unique approach she devoted her life to help as many people as she can, becoming one of the most popular leaders on the New York City singles circuit.(DOOL), they know they will be entertained by some dramatic storylines, plot twists at every turn, and of course, steamy love scenes.When it comes to the small town of Salem, love and romance rule the land — with people falling in and out of love .

, a Druid theatre production to be staged in Galway next month – admits though she got “caught up” in London life – there really was no place like home in the end “London is a really full on place,” Rebecca said.– has revealed how she moved back home to Ireland to find “happiness,” and incidentally an Irish man on Tinder.Rebecca O’Mara, 39, who grew up in Sandycove, Co Dublin, spent 12 years in London, bagging roles on stage and screen.I didn't know if he'd feel the same way about Rebecca's background, but I knew that I had to give the family something so that they wouldn't kill me. I asked Josh, a relative of mine - who never gets involved with these kinds of things - what he thought. I came back at a tough time in Ireland after the crash but I just knew we could do it, get back on our feet – and I loved being home.” She still works in the UK and has an agent in both countries – the perfect balance she insists.The actress says she loves returning to London to work but enjoys coming home too. When Daniel's friend David went to pick Rebecca up for their date, I was settled into my airplane seat, heading back to the United States. Then I just smile to them and say, "We can only try our best." Ziva has been a matchmaker, dating coach and spiritual advisor for professional singles in New York City for many years. It took Daniel only an hour and half to call me back and say three magical words: "I found someone." I didn't know Daniel's guy, and Daniel didn't know Rebecca, but I felt good that we had done as much as we could have under the circumstances. " I just tell them this story to show them that there is no formula for matchmaking because there is a Divine force at work.The inspirational people whom I met through Widowed Village and Camp Widow helped me find my way through the most difficult time of my life.Today, I chose to focus on how lucky I am to have met Daniel and to feel grateful for the lessons he taught me and the blessings he brought to my life.

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