Advantages and disadvantages of thermoluminescence dating

Thermoluminescence emits a weak light signal that is proportional to the radiation dose absorbed by the material. The technique has wide application, and is relatively cheap at some US0–700 per object; ideally a number of samples are tested. The destruction of a relatively significant amount of sample material is necessary, which can be a limitation in the case of artworks.The heating must have taken the object above 500° C, which covers most ceramics, although very high-fired porcelain creates other difficulties.

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It is therefore difficult to imagine how any new technique could easily supplant it.The limitations of the method as well as the advantages are discussed.TL-dating results for two Near Eastern Paleolithic sites (Rosh Ein Mor and Jerf al-Ajla) are discussed as examples. ABSTRACT: Few sites with evidence for fire use are known from the Last Interglacial in Europe.Hearth features are rarely preserved, probably as a result of post-depositional processes.The small postglacial basins (ABSTRACT: Fires occurred in the past are usually part of the history of buildings, related to specific structures such as ovens or accidental causes.One major source of error is the external dose rate, which contributes to a varying degree to the denominator of the age formula and thus has a varying influence on the dating result.The intention of this paper is to enable the user to evaluate TL age determinations of heated flint.Perhaps optically stimulated luminescence dosimetry should not be characterised as an entirely new technique, but rather a development of the well established technology that may be considered superior in some respects.As is obvious from the tenor of this debate, our two participants are longtime colleagues who have had numerous discussions on this topic.Thermoluminescence (TL) dating is now widely used in the age determination of Paleolithic sites.Although the basic principle of TL-dating is simple, the underlying assumptions are not trivial.

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