13 year age difference in dating

Just the other day, I made a very obvious pop culture reference to a television show from the 90's and he stared at me blankly.He was a full-on adult when the things of my teen years were popular."I think it's about the maturity," she relays, recommending that parents meet the person their son or daughter is dating to decide if both of them have enough maturity to handle the relationship."If you meet him and decide he is wonderful, she should be allowed to date him," she says. But what to do, every person reaches that point and I love him not only for that. Haha, I am actually afraid when that time comes that he can no longer perform.Although comedians joke about these relationships, a significant age difference doesn’t make a relationship any less real or meaningful, though it may create some challenges that don’t exist when romantic partners are close in age.Navigating the social ramifications of your relationship while struggling with generation gaps can be tough, but a significant age difference can give you the chance to consider new perspectives and appreciate the offerings of a different generation.

A lot depends on how you feel about the age difference. Since when does a person become a "daddy" at age 13 or for that matter even a parent. As nancy pointed out this 10-15 years age gap depends on where you are.

Jen might glam up for the red carpet, but off duty she's parked firmly in the no-makeup and scruffy jeans camp.

One reason Gwyneth and Chris didn't work out was she loved getting glammed for the LA premieres and being seen in all the right places.

Both women are bright and undeniably elegant (who didn't fall for Jen when she so oh-so-gracefully tripped on her way to receive an Oscar).

But there's something very grounded about Jennifer that seems to gel with Chris' consistent shying away from the limelight.

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